About the CleanTech Challenge

The Dutch CleanTech Challenge is a competition for entrepreneurial students throughout the country. The CleanTech Challenge (CTC) was first organized by the London Business School in 2009. After the great success of the previous Dutch CleanTech Challenges, we are proud to announce the 2018 edition of the Dutch CTC. The Dutch CTC is hosted by Yes!Delft Students, the Delft Energy Club and the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship and encourages student teams with interdisciplinary backgrounds to develop and pitch their concepts for a sustainable start-up.
The Cleantech Challenge provides entrepreneurial students the chance to work out their innovative ideas from the concept stage to a final business plan, with the help of professionals throughout the process.  On December 19th the course will start with a networking event in Rotterdam , where renowned speakers in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainability will share their experience with students.  Shortly after, by January 8th, students will need to hand in a brief description (200 – 500 words) stating their idea in order to take part in the CTC. After handing in their ideas, approximately 20 teams will be selected to improve their idea under the guidance of experienced companies through means of 5 workshops. After a few weeks, teams will need to hand in the finalized version of their idea. Eight teams will proceed to the Dutch CTC finals, where the best team receives a cash prize and the opportunity to further develop their startup. On top of that the winners will have the opportunity to participate in the global CTC in London.

This is a unique chance for students to take advantage of the opportunity to get consults from experts and to extend their sustainable idea. They are also introduced to a network of clean technology entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors. The main goal is for students to transform an idea in the field of green technology/sustainable energy into a start-up that can be self-sustaining and attract external funding. For the companies involved it is an excellent event to see the latest developments in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and meet talented, innovative students.



The CleanTech Challenge consist of 5 workshops. You are highly recommend to join the workshops with your team, since you will learn different aspects of entrepreneurship in each workshop. Using the following button you can find all the information about the workshops.

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