Team members: Ruben Camphuijsen, Giguru Scheuer, Anna Klamer, Ronald Wijs

More than one third of the trucks in the Netherlands drive empty or not completely filled. We want to reduce this empty mileage problem and increase the efficiency and sustainability of the logistic companies. The logistic companies will upload their planning and our algorithm will match them for potential load exchanges. In this way they will increase their efficiency and moreover have a positive contribution to the environment.


Team members: Yuri van Engelshoven, Jeroen Cevaal, István Deák

Polytential is a startup founded by three undergraduates with strongly diffusive educational backgrounds, solely focused on closing the gap between downcycling and a circular economy for polymers. By combining several mature technologies in a unique, patentable way, shredded plastic can be separated with an accuracy of 99%. The unique selling point compared to readily existing plastic separation techniques is that the resulting output is known, not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of plastic type and color. This technology will open up the opportunities for high quality plastic product manufacturers to use recycled materials.


Team members: Stefan Siarov, Agnes Guenther, Gabriela Tomova

Fleccs. is an ambitious startup with the mission to revolutionise the way we think of beds. By combining technical background with strategic product design, Fleccs. deals with the present challenges with recycling conventional mattresses. By creating a mattressless bed, current problems are solved and many advantages of luxury products are included. By creating a sustainable business case, Fleccs. will make the world a bedder place.


Team members: Liselotte Hoogewerf, Gaurav Manchanda, Rithwick Parthasarathy, Raunak R. Kulkarni

KarPEG helps users find the cheapest solutions to replenish and park their electric, hybrid and gasoline vehicles. A lot of applications that show available electric charging points already exist – however this hardly includes private charging points. With the increasing amount of hybrid and electric cars, a need for more charging points will occur and KarPEG is focusing on servicing this need. With a simple box of accessories people can rent their sockets outside their homes to the public, for charging their electric car using the KarPEG App. Our aim is to enlarge the network of available electric charging stations. KarPEG is combining three different services into one application for both users and hosts. It is an easy way to locate, book and pay for a service through one simple app!

Anemoi Energy

Team members: Sunnefa Gunnarsdottir, Sandeep Punwasi, Vadim Glinskiy

The final outcome of our business proposal consists of the development of a simple, user friendly, investment web-platform (innovation #1), where our first segment customers (natural persons) are willing to invest into renewable energy and receive high interest rate. Investment proceedings would go into financing of construction of solar panels on the territory of partner wind corporations (innovation #2 — Contribution to the environmental goals of the Netherlands). Earnings coming from the sale of electricity to the wind-cooperations and additional subsidies/incentives will partly go into the land rent payments (wind corporations as partners) and the annual interest payments of investors. At the moment we are closing a deal with a wind cooperation as a pilot project. Based on this success it would be possible to grow on to other (wind)cooperations and (wind)parks using similar scheme.


Team members: Ben Visser, Sandra van der Lee, Pritish Bose

Solis makes use of a special reactor that uses the warmth of the sun to split Methane into Hydrogen and Carbon. The surplus heat will be used for desalinating water. The composition of the gas mixture is aimed to be 20% Hydrogen and 80% Natural gas. This way it can be identically stored and transported as CNG, Compressed Natural Gas, and the Hydrogen can be separated with a relatively cheap setup at the point where it is needed.


Team members: Ajay Jamodkar, Anusha Varanasi, Sugandha Gupta

At GrafiComb, we endeavor to produce graphene from organic waste, piling up by the pounds, across the world. This material is lighter, stronger, more conductive than any material known and has the potential to change the world. Organic waste contains carbon compounds in plenty, making it one of the most readily available raw materials for graphene synthesis while tackling a global problem profitably.

Sustainable island solution

Team members: Bo Iiu, Surya Prakash, Mateo Jimenez, Zsófia Bene, Robin Tamak, Kshiteej Shrikande, Shruthi Kasala Hemakumar

We aim to provide sustainable solution to a populated island, in which the natives become independent from the inland. Our current focus is on water scarcity that is a typical problem on any island. Our product is PUREAU, which generates potable water. The potable water is distributed to the locals and sold to the nearby hotels and restaurants. The goal of our company is to provide sustainable solutions to islands and coastal regions.