2015 Finalists

After 3 months of hard work and meticulous dedication to their Cleantech Idea 8 of our teams have made it to the Dutch Cleantech Challenge Finals. After a tough semi-final with many good pitches and consultation sessions we are proud of the 8 teams have moved on to the national final. Next Monday March 30th these teams will square off one last time to see who will take home the 3000 Euro prize and book a place in the international final in London. Good luck to all the finalists!

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The Kartent is the new, green festival tent. Made purely from cardboard the Kartent is recyclable, cheap and can be printed on by festival sponsors. With the dimensions 2.40m by 1.40m the Kartent is even big enough for two people.Kartent


Play Around: 

Using mechanical and 3-D printing technology, we aim to close the material loop for children toys, providing customers with an experience of visualizing the creation of value from “waste”. Moreover, Play Around aims to introduce the concept of sustainability to children to instill it as a way of life from a very young age.

PlayAround Real



Project Dare proposes an innovative street-smart lighting system that saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. “Dare” consists of two elements: “Drop” and “Share”. “Drop” focuses on the physical lighting fixture itself and “Share” compliments “Drop” by attempting to make public areas energy and CO2 neutral/positive.




Makes the ammonia production process clean and sustainable by using biomass/waste resources in place of fossil fuels. The business model revolves around collecting bio-waste from farmers, processing the waste, producing fertilizer out of it and supplying back the fertilizer to the farmers at a reduced cost.



Air-conditioning is currently not sustainable when look at the amount of energy that is costs. At places which have a supply of 80 degrees Celsius and a cooling demand of 16 degrees Celsius CLAIR can provide clean cool air! Clair is able to connect this system to hydrogen city-busses and can decrease CO2 emissions and SMOG tremendously.Cl-air

SecondLIFE Power Solutions:

Aims to replace diesel generators with a cleaner alternative in the form of solar powered second-life automotive batteries. We have a proprietary technology to increase the life of second-life batteries. Our market study showed great potential, with the diesel generator market expected to be 4 Billion USD in India alone by 2021.




We want to reduce the suicides committed by farmers in India by making customized affordable products in order to tend their land and pay their bills. Aquadrive is a bike pump used to irrigate farmers fields. The product is the cheapest solution for backup power requirement for water irrigation.


REAPlastic: REAPlastic will purchase the collected plastic waste from existing plastic waste pickers’ organizations. This plastic waste will be processed into recycled granules by local disadvantaged groups. A part of the granules will be sold directly to other local plastic manufacturers, the other part will be used to fabricate low quantity customized gifts which are designed in cooperation with African designers.