2017: PHB-D

Vidhvath Viswanathan, Felix Koenigs, Jelmer Smits

Our team is working on a novel production process of a bio-based, biodegradable plastic called polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB), which is price competitive. The value addition as compared to the existing bioplastics is that the processing is novel. Bacteria are engineered to produce the bioplastic under anaerobic (oxygen free) conditions as compared to the existing processes which use oxygen. Additionally, the strain is inherently designed to maximize yield by utilising
the substrate without the production of any byproducts.

2016: Polytential

Yuri van Engelshoven, Jeroen Cevaal, István Deák

Polytential is a startup founded by three undergraduates with strongly diffusive educational backgrounds, solely focused on closing the gap between downcycling and a circular economy for polymers. By combining several mature technologies in a unique, patentable way, shredded plastic can be separated with an accuracy of 99%. The unique selling point compared to readily existing plastic separation techniques is that the resulting output is known, not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of plastic type and color. This technology will open up the opportunities for high quality plastic product manufacturers to use recycled materials.

2015: Cl-air

Bram Baak, Martijn ten Kate, Anna van der Togt

Air-conditioning is currently not sustainable when look at the amount of energy that it costs. At places which have a supply of 80 degrees Celsius and a cooling demand of 16 degrees Celsius CLAIR can provide clean cool air! Clair is able to connect this system to hydrogen city-busses and can decrease CO2 emissions and SMOG tremendously.

2014: FOMS

The invention of the FOMS (patent pending) allows manufacturers to test solar cells in a better and faster way than currently possible. This method leads to increased output of solar panels without changing anything in the manufacturing process. “The potential of this idea was obvious to all of us,” said team member Mostafa El-Shinawy who is originally from Egypt. “However we have a technical background and did not have much experience in starting up businesses or getting funding, so we enrolled in the CTC earlier this year, and I have to say it helped a lot.”