Registration Process


1.      First, register at Studielink as a student in Delft:

Fill out the form as shown on the example (see ‘screenshot’)

 Screenshot Studielink (2)

2.      Your exam committee has to sign a letter that this course is not offered by EUR and that the course is admitted as part of your curricula (one letter per student!)


3.      Go to the Students Administration in Delft (personally) to show the proof of payment of the tuition fee (paid to Rotterdam). This proof can be collected from the Students Administration in Rotterdam. (Letter from step 2 can be brought with you to the students administration in Delft)


4.      Enrol via TU Delft Brightspace for course WM0943TU (CleanTech Business Study).


5.      Register for the competition on (Click on ‘Register Here’ and fill out the details)


6.      Enjoy the course and competition!