Round 1

Team up and Sign up!Round 1 takes place until the 24th of January and is your chance to participate. The only requirements for this round are a short description of your idea (200 – 500 words) and to have a team with 2 to 5 students. Please fill out the idea and teammate information to sign up before the 24th of January and you’re in! By signing up you even have chance to win 100 euro with your group!

We understand that there’s a good chance you don’t have a team right now, or an idea. Right now you’ll probably fall in to one of two categories:

1) You have a good idea for the clean technology sector? Awesome. Regardless of how obscure, undeveloped or feasible it is, if it’s clean, it can be more than just a dream. However, you need a team to make it real.
2) You don’t have an idea, but you’re dying to participate? Don’t fret! There are people who need you to strengthen their team! You just haven’t met them yet.

Professional judges
After you have signed up with your team, your idea will be judged by a panel of professionals. They will select the twenty best ideas who will have the privilege to continue to Round 2 of the Dutch Cleantech Challenge.