Welcome to Cleantech Challenge Netherlands’ first event, where you will be introduced to the Cleantech Challenge and all it stands for. Are you a student with a great, innovative, clean tech idea that you want to share with the world? Or are you a student passionate about business and with the skills required to make a product into a success? Then the Cleantech Challenge is for you!

The Cleantech Challenge is a joint initiative of YES!Delft students and ECE Students.

At this first networking event, we will bring together students from Rotterdam and students from Delft; so that you can discuss common interests and ultimately form teams to compete in the Cleantech Challenge Netherlands. The process of participating in the Cleantech Challenge consists of attending workshops given by renowned professionals passionate about sustainable business so that you can both strengthen your idea technically and strengthen your business plan. More details are given on the website https://www.cleantechchallenge.nl/. You will then present your idea at the Dutch Semi Finals on the 9th of March, then a few teams will proceed to the Dutch Finals on the 23rd of March where the winner will receive a cash prize of 3,000 euros and a ticket to compete in the International Finals in London on the 21st/22nd of April where the winner receives 10,000 pounds!!!

So are you a young entrepreneur? Or interested in doing clean business? Or are you undecided? By all means, please come to our networking event where you can meet like-minded people and form teams to compete and hopefully win the Cleantech Challenge 2016!

More information on the particulars of the event will be brought to you shortly! And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To register for the event, follow the link https://goo.gl/5ssgjY

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 9th of December!
The Cleantech Team